Thursday, 25 August 2011

Coupons in the latest What's Cooking Magazine

Here is a list of the coupons in the Fall '11 What's cooking magazine

$1 off Cracker Barrel Cheese snacks (168g)
$1 off Kraft Dinner cups (4pk)
$0.50 off Kraft singles (500g)
$0.50 off Jello refrigerated pudding, mousse or gelatin snacks
$1 off any one jar of cheese whiz jalapeno tex mex (500g)
$0.50 off Oscar Meyer real bacon recipe pieces (85g)
$0.50 off any one box Kraft Dinner Smart mac and cheese
$0.50 off Triscuit crackers
$0.50 off Ritz Bits
$1.00 off Kraft 100% Parmesan grated cheese (250g)
$0.50 off Rice thins Brown rice crisps
$1.00 off Wheat thins stix
$0.75 off Chips Ahoy Middles
$0.50 off Mr. Christies Snack Packs soft baked cookies
$1 off Amooza twists cheese snacks (252g) or sport processed cheese snacks (100g)
all expire 11/25/2011

there is also a BOGO amooza cheese twist coupon exp Dec 31/2011

Not too bad for a free magazine!!

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