Friday, 29 July 2011

$2 off Becel pro-active margarine

Have your printer ready for this one... Becel Pro-Active margarine which just happens to be on sale at Sobey's this week for $3.99.  At $1.99 it seems like a good time to try it.

Kraft Shredded Cheese coupon

You can print or have this coupon mailed to you from

Pier 1 Daily Deal for July 29

Need some storage?  Get 30% off  regular priced bookshelves or bookcases

$1.00 of MarcAngelo Foods!

If the name doesn't ring a bell...think souvlaki!  These always go on sale, and when they do, this coupon would get you some CHEAP MEAT!  Oh man, it's 7:25am and I have already said "cheap meat" apologies's Friday! ;)

Click the link, like the facebook page, fill out your information!
$1.00 off MarcAngelo!


Great Hoceky Program from Chevrolet

Safe & Fun hockey program. If your child is 5 years old, and registered in a Canadian minor hockey league, they are eligible to receive a free Bauer helmet from Chevrolet. While the program officially launches this September of 2011, you can pre-register now and stay up to date with important notifications and information

Thursday, 28 July 2011

20-25% off at Home Outfitters

Home Outfitters Canada is offering a printable coupon for 20-25% off one regular priced item.  You will receive 25% off if you use your HBC MasterCard or HBC Credit Card, or you will receive 20% off if you use any other tender.  Excludes Licensed Departments, Dyson, HBC gift cards, Saeco, Point of Sale Activation Cards and Gift Registry online.  Valid July 29-31, 2011.

Alison's Price Matches and other deals (07/29/11-0/04/11)

Well my newspaper FINALLY arrived so here we go!

Chapmans Ice Cream (2L) and Frozen treats (700-720ml) - $1.97
Activia (12x100g) $4.44 --> use $1.00 coupon and get it for $3.44
Uncle Ben's Fast and Fancy rice - 0.88 (best price I have seen in a while!)
Kool-Aid Jammers - $1.99
Finish Quantum (20ct) $4.99 --> use $2 off from circular and get it for $2.99 or use save $5 when you buy 2 from a recent sample and pay just $2.49 each

Boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs $3.44/lb (price for chicken breasts is better at Food Basics, but they don't offer the thighs)
Cracker Barrel Cheese (500g) $4.44
McCain ultra thin crust pizza $2.99 --> use $1 off websaver coupon and get it for $1.99

Buy one get one free Hagen Daaz (500ml) and Nestle premium novelties (4pk) --> I would price match at walmart for a better base price
Buy one get one free Coke and Pepsi products (12x355ml) --> another one I would price match
Becel Margarine (907g) - $3.99

No Frills
Neste and frutopia (12x341ml) --> $2.88 price match at walmart and use coupon from Superstore for buy 2 get 1 free (expires July 29 so you would have to get this deal tomorrow)

Food Basics
Boneless skinless chicken breasts - $2.99/lb
Nestle treats - $2.77
Purex --> $4.99 and use the $3 off coupon from the Purex sample mailer and get it for $1.99

Peaches - $2.77 for a 3L basket (peaches are on sale just about everywhere for around $2.99)
Drumsticks  (4pk)- $2.97
Bicks Pickles (1L) --> $2 and use 0.75 off coupon from store tear pads

I will post any more that I find!  Happy Savings!!!

FREE MR.BIG!!!!!!!

I would hurry if I were you ;)



Some Printable coupons!!

Save $1 when you buy a 12-double roll or 24-single roll pack of Cascades Enviro® bathroom tissue or a 6-roll pack of Cascades Enviro® paper towels

$3.00 off
$1.50 off Pediasure

Sarah's Price Matches (07/29/11-08/04/11)

Great deals to be had this week everyone!!  Get ready!!


- Dawn dish detergent 650ml bottle $0.99--> use your $1.00 off when you buy two from websaver and get 2 for $0.50 each!!
- Febreeze set and refresh $2.99 --> use your $3.00 when you buy any two febreeze products and get 2 for $2.98
- Lady Speedstick deoderant $1.99 --> use your $2.00 off when you buy any one and get it for FREE!

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY only at Pharmasave...
- Majesta paper towels $0.59 each --> use your $1.00 any Majesta product from Websaver and get them for FREE!!

**NOTE* Pharmasave as a rule does NOT do overages, so your best bet is to take your flyer to WalMart...price match and score some overage to put towards something else in your cart!!**

- Tide to go Minis $2.99 --> use your $1.00 off when you buy any Tide to Go product and get it for $1.99
- Clorox Bleach $0.99 (709 ml) $0.99 --> use your $0.75 off coupon from Websaver and get it for $0.25!!
- Scott Paper towels 6 rolls $5.99 --> use $1.00 off from tear pad to get it for $4.99 AND 10x the Optimum points!!

- Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste $1.29 --> use VARIOUS coupons ranging from $0.50-$0.75 to get some for $0.54-$0.89!

- Red Hots hot dogs $1.88 --> use your $1.00 coupon from Websaver to get them for $0.88
This one isn't a coupon...but they have their selection brand cereals on for $1.99!!  A great deal :)

Again, not a coupon...but Parlour icecream and products are on for $1.97!!  mmmmm icecream :)
- Old El Paso Fiesta kits $2.99 --> use your $1.00 coupon from and get it for $1.99
- Dove Go Fresh deoderant $2.49 --> use your $1.00 off coupon from smart source and get it for $1.49
- Gilette Deoderant $2.49 --> use your $2.00 off when you buy 2 coupon (various coupons) to get 2 for $1.49 each!  OR use your $5.00 off when you buy any three gillette products and get 3 for $0.82 each!!

That's it for me for kids don't want to play couponing any more today ;)  I will be back later on with a few more I'm sure!!

On another note...EVERYWHERE had pop on sale this stock up :)

Old Navy Sale TOMORROW

4 is your lucky number this Friday and Saturday with Old Navy’s $4 Deals for the family! The LOWEST PRICES of the

We have:

-Swim for all at $4!

-Basic graphic tees for adults and kids at $4!

-Basic Tees starting at $4!

-Shorts starting at $4!

Hurry in b4 it ends!

Legal Stuff:
Valid 7/29/2011 and 7/30/2011 at Old Navy stores in Canada. Excludes clearance and Baby Graphic tees, Collectabilitees, Sports and Elevated tees. Select styles only. While supplies last. 

Tip of the Day!

Tired of paying too much for your phone, TV or internet etc?  Then stop paying too much for your phone, TV or internet!  Ok ok I know I sound like that TV commercial, but I am totally serious!  Take a look at your bills then call the companies and tell them you want a better deal!  Your best contact for this is either customer relations or customer retention. 

I called about our TV yesterday and got our bill knocked down by $30/month, plus I got a HD PVR for a year for FREE, got rid of the rental fee of our cable modem and dramatically increased the number of channels we get! 

Today I go after the phone company!!! hehehehehehe!

Pier 1 Daily Deal for July 28

Get 30% off any reg price notebooks and pens July 28- July 30

P&G Brandsaver Canada FB page

P&G Brandsaver now has a Canadian FB page!  It looks like it is just getting up and running, but here's hoping they will post some deals and coupons for FB fans!  Be sure to Like them so you don't miss out!!

Super coupon from!

Buy One Get One FREE Coke via iCoke (MUST REGISTER points required ; 100% FREE) and Websaver!
Go here:​tail/bogo-coupon get your code by email and then enter it here:​portal/icoke_1/code.php
 According to the website you can re-order this coupon every 7 days!

It's Flyer Day!!

Thursdays have become one of my favorite days of the week because it is flyer day!  Each week Sarah and I will thoroughly search our flyers for the best deals and price matches to save the most money each week!  Happy Flyer day!!

A coupon to kick off the morning...and an introduction :)

So here is the good stuff first....a coupon and a freebie!!!

$0.50 off DelMonte fruit snacks!  This is a printable coupon so have your printer ready. **NOTE: This coupon is HUGE and will take up a ton of ink...don't print too many**
DelMonte coupon

A FREE postcard sample of Giorgio Armani The Sport Code fragrance for men!
Free Fragrance Sample

And now for the intro...

I'm Sarah (the other crazy couponing mama here).  I have three beautiful children and an amazing husband.  With 3 kids under the age of 6 saving money is AWESOME...but also SO much fun!!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

New Right@home coupons!

Coupons for Windex, Pledge, Glade Sense n Spray

Where to go?

Here is a list of coupon sites and hidden links to get everyone going!


Welcome to the Frugal Mommas Blog!

Is extreme couponing possible in Canada?  Can Canadian families achieve amazing levels of savings? Well we intend to find out!  Granted Canadian coupon policies are much more stringent than those in the US and coupons are not as plentiful, but where there is a will there is a way and we want to share with all of you!  So stop by often and let the savings begin!