Thursday, 28 July 2011

Alison's Price Matches and other deals (07/29/11-0/04/11)

Well my newspaper FINALLY arrived so here we go!

Chapmans Ice Cream (2L) and Frozen treats (700-720ml) - $1.97
Activia (12x100g) $4.44 --> use $1.00 coupon and get it for $3.44
Uncle Ben's Fast and Fancy rice - 0.88 (best price I have seen in a while!)
Kool-Aid Jammers - $1.99
Finish Quantum (20ct) $4.99 --> use $2 off from circular and get it for $2.99 or use save $5 when you buy 2 from a recent sample and pay just $2.49 each

Boneless skinless chicken breasts and thighs $3.44/lb (price for chicken breasts is better at Food Basics, but they don't offer the thighs)
Cracker Barrel Cheese (500g) $4.44
McCain ultra thin crust pizza $2.99 --> use $1 off websaver coupon and get it for $1.99

Buy one get one free Hagen Daaz (500ml) and Nestle premium novelties (4pk) --> I would price match at walmart for a better base price
Buy one get one free Coke and Pepsi products (12x355ml) --> another one I would price match
Becel Margarine (907g) - $3.99

No Frills
Neste and frutopia (12x341ml) --> $2.88 price match at walmart and use coupon from Superstore for buy 2 get 1 free (expires July 29 so you would have to get this deal tomorrow)

Food Basics
Boneless skinless chicken breasts - $2.99/lb
Nestle treats - $2.77
Purex --> $4.99 and use the $3 off coupon from the Purex sample mailer and get it for $1.99

Peaches - $2.77 for a 3L basket (peaches are on sale just about everywhere for around $2.99)
Drumsticks  (4pk)- $2.97
Bicks Pickles (1L) --> $2 and use 0.75 off coupon from store tear pads

I will post any more that I find!  Happy Savings!!!

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