Thursday, 28 July 2011

Sarah's Price Matches (07/29/11-08/04/11)

Great deals to be had this week everyone!!  Get ready!!


- Dawn dish detergent 650ml bottle $0.99--> use your $1.00 off when you buy two from websaver and get 2 for $0.50 each!!
- Febreeze set and refresh $2.99 --> use your $3.00 when you buy any two febreeze products and get 2 for $2.98
- Lady Speedstick deoderant $1.99 --> use your $2.00 off when you buy any one and get it for FREE!

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY only at Pharmasave...
- Majesta paper towels $0.59 each --> use your $1.00 any Majesta product from Websaver and get them for FREE!!

**NOTE* Pharmasave as a rule does NOT do overages, so your best bet is to take your flyer to WalMart...price match and score some overage to put towards something else in your cart!!**

- Tide to go Minis $2.99 --> use your $1.00 off when you buy any Tide to Go product and get it for $1.99
- Clorox Bleach $0.99 (709 ml) $0.99 --> use your $0.75 off coupon from Websaver and get it for $0.25!!
- Scott Paper towels 6 rolls $5.99 --> use $1.00 off from tear pad to get it for $4.99 AND 10x the Optimum points!!

- Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste $1.29 --> use VARIOUS coupons ranging from $0.50-$0.75 to get some for $0.54-$0.89!

- Red Hots hot dogs $1.88 --> use your $1.00 coupon from Websaver to get them for $0.88
This one isn't a coupon...but they have their selection brand cereals on for $1.99!!  A great deal :)

Again, not a coupon...but Parlour icecream and products are on for $1.97!!  mmmmm icecream :)
- Old El Paso Fiesta kits $2.99 --> use your $1.00 coupon from and get it for $1.99
- Dove Go Fresh deoderant $2.49 --> use your $1.00 off coupon from smart source and get it for $1.49
- Gilette Deoderant $2.49 --> use your $2.00 off when you buy 2 coupon (various coupons) to get 2 for $1.49 each!  OR use your $5.00 off when you buy any three gillette products and get 3 for $0.82 each!!

That's it for me for kids don't want to play couponing any more today ;)  I will be back later on with a few more I'm sure!!

On another note...EVERYWHERE had pop on sale this stock up :)

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