Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Good Morning Frugals :)

Well after a fun weekend away, we are back!!  We have lots of links this morning so grab a coffee, set up your printer and enjoy!

The first BIG DEAL today is that livingwell.ca is having a giveaway today of 15,000 trial packs of Zantac :)  This isn't live yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do when it does go live!!  From experience, the samples from livingwell.ca are HUGE and well worth the effort :)  If you haven't signed up yet go here ---> livingwell and sign up to get ready for this awesome offer!!!

***Clearly Contacts is once again giving away FREE GLASSES!!!!***  This goes live today at 9am EST...just like their facebook page and you will be given a code which you can use on their site for FREE glasses, you just pay S&H :)  You must have your perscription ready so make sure you have it on hand! FREE Glasses!

$1.00 off Ocean Spray!!  This is a printable coupon so have your printer ready...and PLEASE coupon responsibly and only print off a few :)   Ocean Spray Coupon

Like Soy milk?  Join the Silk community today to recieve your $2 off coupon (*note* you must register to be a member of their website to get this coupon)!!  Silk Soy Milk Coupon

Summer Avocados is providing users with a free Summer Avocados recipe booklet (mmmmm guacamole!!)  Simply fill in the form and submit for your free copy!!  Summer Avocados Booklet

Here are a WHOLE BUNCH of Advil coupons!  **expiry depends on when you print, so don't print them until you are ready to use them!  I would bookmark this on your computer**  Advil Coupons

Print a $.50 coupon for Cottonelle® Bathroom Tissue or Cottonelle® Flushable Moist Wipes NOW – right from your computer. Follow the prompts to print your coupon. (XPIRES 1 month from date of print)
Limit one coupon per household per month. Cottonelle
 Money saving coupons from Solo...save money on disposable cups, plates, etc!!  *Printable* EXP 12/31/11 Solo Cups Coupon
$1 off Del Monte Fruit Snacks --->>> play and win a coupon for $1 off Del Monte Fruit Snacks.
Coupon xpires Dec.31,2011. When the game ends, you are prompted to print your coupon :) Delmonte Fruit Snacks
 Splenda Coupon!!  Save $1.00 on the purchase of any one Splenda product. *Printable* Exp 08/31/11  Splenda Coupon
Save $1.00 on Weight Watchers Baguettes! *Printable* Expires 10/31/11  Weight Watchers Baguettes Coupon  
That's it for now...but come back often...you never know when amazing deals are going to pop up!!

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