Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Not a coupon...just some money saving ideas :)

So we are doing some re-decorating, which we all know is crazy expensive.  I have come across some great ideas in this process and I wanted to share with my fellow Frugals :)

- I went to Walmart (I swear I LIVE there lol) and in the back in their paint section they have mis-tints.  I got some amazing paint in a gorgeous khaki colour for $7/gallon for one and $8.50/gallon for the other.  One of the paints is a contractors paint and it covers like a DREAM.  The room was a crazy primary blue before and we have almost full coverage after only two coats.  So before you go out and buy a $50 can of Behr paint, if you don't care TOO much about specific colours (perfect for a guest room or basment) then try the mis-tint section...great deals to be found!!!!!!

- So when we are done painting I'm going to need some new window coverings...and I'm getting them from Value Village.  Lots of people redecorate and there are some real gems out there if you are willing to go look.  I can get two panels for around $4.99 (for simple white drapes).  Worth looking into before you drop a TON on expensive window coverings.

- Holy fricken moly flooring is expensive.  I need to replace about 150 sq. ft. of laminate after our water heater exploded in March and ruined our floor.  I'm getting a bunch of flooring from Kijiji.  I am paying $0.50 a square foot including the underlay.  That's about 1/2 price off that cheapest sales and store flooring doesn't come with underlay...you have to buy it separate.  SO...my point is to give USED items a thought...if you are doing something like a basement reno or freshen up, staging a home, or just aren't that picky look around, ask around and always check Kijiji :)

- Freecycle is amazing.  Ask and see if anyone has anything lying around that they aren't using.  Also check out yard sales and Kijiji :)

Happy decorating everyone :) :) :)


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